The Fun and Joy in Taking 100% Responsibility for Our Lives

The joy and fun of taking full responsibility for our lives is one of the most exciting lessons we can learn in life. What often holds us back is the question, “How can I develop the self confidence, passion, motivation and discipline for taking that much responsibility for my life?”

Taking responsibility for our lives can be challenging at times. We like the idea of being in the driver’s seat yet often find ourselves landing in troubling situations without a map. We shame ourselves for getting off track and ask ourselves,“Where did I go wrong?”

Think about it…

Hearing the words “taking responsibility” often triggers the beliefs that responsibility is…

  • Laborious
  • Overwhelming
  • Filled with struggle and sacrifice
  • The demise of fun and freedom

• What makes us sick and tired

  • A sure way to be blamed when things go wrong
  • A reason to judge and punish ourselves if we make mistakes

No wonder the expression “taking full responsibility” often seems so dark and heavy!

THE GOOD NEWS IS:  As soon as we make the decision to be 100% responsible for our lives, the universe reveals the solutions to all these beliefs and questions. We begin to understand how taking full responsibility is the key to creating the freedom we want. 

 Responsibility brings clarity and knowing that we can be…

  • Guided and supported in creating the lives we want.
  • Part of the resolution rather of part of the problem.
  • Free of being a victim.
  • A catalyst for the changes we want to see in the world.

A fun metaphor to remember how taking full responsibility makes our lives a lot more easy…

Taking full responsibility for our lives is similar to surfing the waves, being present and enjoying the ride to shore. Lack of responsibility is trying to stay on the board, not being present and tumbling to shore with sand up your nose”.

Every challenge we face can be an opportunity to take 100% responsibility for our lives. An opportunity to let go of holding back and allowing the resolutions to reveal themselves in all the wonderful ways they do. We can embrace the victim inside, restoring it to the perfect internal guidance system it is designed to be. We learn to guide and co-create our lives with the loving source that is part of us.

The following are a few of the ways that taking full responsibility brings  joy, love and fun into our lives by…

•  Being responsible “to” others rather than responsible ‘for” others.

  • Taking action on what we feel passionate, inspired and motivated about.
  • Freedom from trying to control and manipulate.
  • Allowing ourselves to experience the powerful person we are.

Now think about this…

The word responsibility originates from the words “response” and “ability”, therefore the ability to respond.  We are born with the natural ability to respond to what we see, hear, feel, taste and touch. In any situation we can choose to respond by being reactive, angry, shaming, blaming etc. We also have the freedom to respond to the situation in any of these other following ways by…

  • Listening to our inner guidance before taking action.
  • Conjuring up positive ways to think, feel and talk about the situation.
  • Remembering  there is always a solution to every problem.

As with any skill, our ability to respond takes focus, time and practice. It is well worth the time and energy! Many people have dreams about what they want to experience in their lives yet never decide to to take full responsibility for learning how to fulfill those dreams.

It is never too late to start taking responsibility for your life. No matter what your past or present situation is, the joys of taking full responsibility are always available to you!

A few great questions we can ask ourselves with the intent to receive the answers are:

  • What is the nature of experiencing the joy, love and power that comes from taking 100% responsibility for my life?
  • What is the nature of experiencing myself take 100% responsibility for my life in ways that are loving, beneficial and empowering to myself and others?


To the joy of taking full responsibility for our lives,




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