Since your life is made up what you think, feel and experience each day…

March 28, 2014


Since your life is made up what you think about all day, here are some powerful questions that can  change your life: What is the nature of experiencing myself as catalyst for love and peace in the world?

(1) What is the nature of experiencing the most beneficial thoughts possible?

(3) What is the nature of experiencing the most loving, nurturing and empowered observer and guide of my thoughts?

Notice how the questions are structured.

They are structured for you to have the “experience”, not  to know “how to” have the experience,  Ultimately it’s the experience that you want, right? And learn the “how to” along the way, right?

Remember:  Asking powerful questions ignites powerful answers that appear in many different and mysterious ways.  Be sure to be watching and listening for them.

An example might be:

Did you ever wake up excited to start your day, and suddenly remembered some bills you need to pay? And suddenly your focus has just changed from being excited about your day to paying the bills?. And now you hear yourself say, “Oh, I better get it over with”, and maybe find yourself grumbling about having to spend the money?

Well, I have.

And one day I said to myself, “Crystal, what are you thinking? This is your life!” So I took a few deep breaths and did some “shaking” from the inside out, and soon I was whistling a different tune! Ahhhhhhhh, now I was thinking, “Thank you God for the freedom I have, and thank you for the opportunity to give back to the people who have provided me these services.” Whew…I back to thinking, feeling and experiencing my excitement for the day again!

Think about it….

What would happen if 10 people gave gratitude for the services they received as they paid their bills?   What if 100 people did it?  What if 1,000 people did it?  What if everyone did it?

Having a wonder-filled and empowered day,




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