Can We Choose to Be Happy No Matter What Our Condition?


Throughout history man has pondered the question if we can to choose to be happy no matter our condition. Meditation, movement, and other ways of experiencing happiness continues to be explored and researched around the world.

Some of the research includes the work by Matthieu Ricard a biochemist, Buddhist Monk. He is sometimes called the “happiest man in the world,” and says, “Yes, we can train ourselves to be happy.”

Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert goes on to say humans often misjudge what will make them happy. Most people have taken on the belief that happiness is the result of getting what they want. Often they find they are still unhappy even when they have reached their goal of getting what they want.

Clinical research drawn from psychology and neuroscience is now showing that human brains can indeed synthesize happiness not dependent on any conditions assumed to be the source of that happiness.

From their own personal experience and guiding of people from all over the world, Ester and Jerry Hicks are successful in guiding people how to cultivate the bodily felt sense of happiness.  Here is one of many videos they freely share as ways to practice conjuring up the emotional vibration of happiness, no matter what the condition.

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