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Getting Clear On What You Want to Give

February 23, 2014


Getting clear on what you want to give is a fun and wonderful way to create more freedom in your life.

Think about it:

Giving is embedded in your genetic code and is an integral part of of being a human being.

You are in an integral universe that is in a constant state of giving and receiving.

What you give and receive touches everyone and everything in some way.

So start our by ask yourself this question about giving:

  • What is the nature of experiencing giving in the most beneficial and empowering ways possible?

You might be thinking,”Well, how can I bring more awareness and purpose into what I am giving?

See if this short exercise helps you answer that question:

(a)  Exercise:

  • Close your eyes
  • Take a deep breath in
  • Be aware of your existence in space
  • What you are giving by just being here?
  • Notice the air that you are breathing and giving to your lungs… that is in turn giving it to your heart…. which is in turn giving it to the rest of your body.
  • Notice the carbon dioxide you give back to the world when you breathe out
  • Notice the energy that you are giving just by being alive and radiating out from your core
  • Notice the vibration you are giving to everything around you
  • Notice the thoughts you are giving
  • What else are you giving just by being here?

Open your eyes now.

What did you learn?

Write it down because this is a key to the self confidence you own when you are aware of all the gifts you have to offer!

Now think about this:

Science has shown that there is literally no place that we are separate or disconnected….not from our source, anything , or anyone.

We are literally all connected!

There is literally no such thing as being separate!

There are molecules of air and particles of energy that connect us even though they are not visible through our eyes.

If you are like me, sometimes the truth of that is hard to imagine.

And then I think about how all the cells in my body are connected:

  • Each of my cells has it’s own unique purpose ….which allows my body to function in the way that it does.
  • And each of these cells has it’s own boundaries, it’s own cell walls, that keeps the integrity of itself  intact.
  • Yet each of these cells is totally interconnected and nowhere is it separate from the whole of my body!
  • And it seems that each on of us might be that way… cells with our own boundaries and lives, yet we are part of a whole that we are interconnected with;

Look at these two hands with that in mind.

Giving to the whole universe can be as simple as reaching out and taking someone’s hand!

Awesome, isn’t it?

So start imagining all the things you could be giving!

Here are some ideas that just came to my mind:

  • Support
  • Your time and energy
  • Opportunity for someone to participate
  • Reference points on something that is possible to do
  • Education
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Encouragement
  • Ideas
  • Comments
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation
  • Birth
  • Silence
  • Sounds
  • Music
  • Contribution
  • Gift certificates
  • Time with you
  • Enjoyment
  • Mentorship
  • Leadership
  • Thoughts
  • Structure
  • Inspiration
  • Writing
  • Organization
  • Stories
  • Photographs
  • Images
  • Lifestyle
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Time to
  • Learning experience
  • Dancing
  • Opportunity to express yourself
  • Feedback
  • Appreciation
  • Give you a chance
  • Laughter

Now just think of the the strengths that you have!

Be outrageous… and write down everything and anything you can think of.

You may be surprised at all the things you are good at and have given others!

To get clear on why you what to give with all these options, ask yourself these questions :

  • What do my friends and neighbor think my strengths are? (go ahead and ask them!)
  • What do people look to me for?
  • What do they get from just knowing me?
  • What do people like about being in relationship with me?
  • What do I love to do?
  • What ideas do I have?
  • What have I mastered? (can be as simple as mastering how to tie a bow!)
  • What’s about my business and the things that I’ve learned along the way?
  • What have I donated my time to?
  • What inspires me?
  • What are my hobbies?
  • What would I like to tell the world about?
Now, be sure to remember:
That all the  learning experiences that you have had, and how you faced those challenges and brought them to resolution, are  powerful strengths and gifts!
And are sometimes the best!
Empowered giving requires the understanding of yourself and others.
A good example of this is:
On Oprah’s last TV show, she spent the hour sharing about her experiences and what she learned over o the past 25 years
She said that in interviewing  people from all over the world, with all different experiences, what stood out to her is that the core of what all people want is the same: To be  heard and acknowledged.
Just imagine how it would feel to have a lifestyle that included expanding your skills to give and receive by serving people in this way?

The fastest way to establish that lifestyle is to go directly to the core of understanding the truth of your own needs.

People often ask “what do you want?”

The ‘what” in that question tends to bring forth a factual answer, rather that tapping deeper into the more personal issues that more clearly defines what you need.

You may  think of your needs as something tangible, like “if I only had more money” or if only, I had…..”

However, if you listen to yourself closely, you will find that your core needs go deeper than that.

Michael Oliver, a well know couch and author, shows us how by asking the right questions you can get down to the core of what you really wants and need..

He says that that Problems and Needs come in pairs:

  • Outer Logical Needs (facts)
  • Inner Emotional Needs (feelings)

Most often when you ask a person “what do you want?”,  you get a factual answer… since you asked a factual question.

Examples of factual answers that people might give you include:

  • More freedom
  • More money
  • More time
  • Residual income
  • Better health
  • Better results
  • Less stress
  • Less debt
  • Less cost
  • Fewer deadlines
  • Less politics
  • Less commute
  • Less work
  • Less effort

And then your tendency might be to jump in with a resolution once you know “the facts”….”I know what you need…I can help you change that!”

But by not involving people and getting behind the facts,  you can inadvertently offend them.

If you do, you often won’t even know

People won’t say anything…they’ll just withdraw.

Think how you feel when someone tells you what they think you “should do”.

It can be irritating, can’t it?

You might get quiet or even respond a little by defending yourself, or try to push of what they say.

So by making an assumption that you know what they really want, you have missed out on an opportunity to allow them to….

  • talk about how they are feel about their present situation…and any personal history that is significant on how it led into what they are doing now.
  • talk about how the choices they are making are affecting them
  • discover for themselves what really matters to them
  •  discover how to influence themselves to get clear on what they want to change
  • tell you what their inner motivations are
  • tell you clearly what their deeper inner needs are
Involve them!
Ask them and they will tell you everything you need to know about what they really want.
The most important thing, is that they will also be telling themselves!
They be showing themselves that perhaps it is time to change.
And as they will sort this out internally…they do all the work for you!

So now you have created the space to find out about their Inner Needs…                                                               

  • To be recognized
  • To be heard
  • To be appreciated
  • To be in control
  • To be challenged
  • To be validated                            
  • To be understood
  • To be acknowledged
  • To be part of something
  • To Love and be loved
  • To be fulfilled
  • To be affirmed
  • To be respected
  • To be liked
  • To be among positive people
  • To have self-esteem
  • To have a sense of community
  • To have a sense of security
  • To have excitement


So by asking the right questions, and listening to answers…we can see what we have to give is really appropriate for them.

If not, we can always refer them to someone else…which is just as powerful of a giving!

By giving a referral, now you’ve giving something to two people :-)!

If you want to learn more about asking the the right questions”, I highly recommend Michael Oliver’s book called “How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Friends”.

And for some more tips on appropriate giving, go back to my website and  take a look at my post called “Ever feel awkward when you don’t like the gift you just opened?”

And as I bring this to end, I’d like to join you a celebration of all the giving that is surrounding us in each and every moment.

Like the apple tree that I’m looking at right out my window…. all that  it’s giving!

  • apples
  • crisp and sweet
  • shade
  • seeds
  • beauty
  • home for birds
  • food for animals… including worms!
  • thoughts of a future apple pie 🙂

I would love you to leave any comments, questions, ideas or something special in your life that is easy for you to keep on giving and giving!

To the freedom in giving,


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Making “The Decision” is What Changes Everything!

January 25, 2014


Making “the decision” is what changes everything by igniting the universe to flood you with all the support you need to experience the freedom that you are looking for! 

If you are like most people, there are changes that you want to make and you find yourself wavering about making “the decision” it will take.

If you are anything like I was, you find yourself trying to convince yourself that it’s “fine” and your life iis working.

Or maybe you appreciate what you have and you are okay with settling for only part of what you want because it would be much too hard to change things.

And suddenly one day you hear yourself say, “Alright already, I just can’t take this anymore! It’s GOT to change!”

Something happens, whether you are finally in crisis or you just can’t stand the drama any more and you suddenly make “THE decision”!

You suddenly feel a shift and know that you are going to do what it takes to change your life!

And it’s that very moment you make THE decision, that the universe is ignited to support you in every way it can!

So now you’ve made the decision, you follow through with your continued willinging to :

  • Listen
  • Take action
  • Make the change you want a priority in your life.
  • Commit to yourself no matter what you or anyone else says!

One you’ve made that  “decision” you have ignited the universe to support you every way it can.

What you want in life will follow that decision, believe me.

A successful life doesn’t just happen. It takes every bit of energy, talent , desire, vision, forbearance, and determination that you can muster.

Things you really care about take time, thought, planning and prioritizing.

The world is changing…breakdowns and breakthroughs all around us.

Keep your focus on the breakthroughs, and let the breakdowns happen without getting down on yourself.

Stick with your decision to have the life you want no matter what the evidence!

To the power of decision,


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Appreciating Appreciates

January 25, 2014


Lynn Twist, founder of The Pachamama Alliance, describes one of the most important things you can do to create of more of what is truly yours in this life:

“If you let go of trying to get more of what you don’t really need, which is what we’re trained to want more of, it frees up oceans of energy to pay attention to what you already have.

When you nurture and nourish what you do have and begin to make a difference with it, it expands before your very eyes. In other words, what you appreciate appreciates. This is true prosperity”.

Beautifully said.dreamstime_s_1975744

Appreciation and gratitude for the freedom that you already have, is one of the quickest ways to experience more freedom at your core.

Keep a list going of the freedom you already have.

If you are anything like me, you might be having appreciation for some of the following freedoms:

  • Eating healthy food
  • Sleeping in a comfortable bed
  • Having a roof over your head
  • Having a loving home
  • Getting an education whether it’s in a school, the Internet, or learning from a mentor of some kind
  • Speaking your mind
  • Having healthy boundaries
  • Having appropriate relationships
  • Drinking clean water
  • Breathing air
  • Being alive

There is a list that can be made whatever your circumstances. There is always something to appreciate no matter how big or small it may seem.

And, once again, as Lynn Twist so beautifully said, whatever you appreciate (however big or small) will appreciate and expand before your very eyes!

In appreciation for appreciation,


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Spiritual Bypass

January 20, 2014


In these times of massive change and spiritual highs on Earth, it is important to stay alert to the potential to engage in a phenomena often called a “spiritual bypass”.

December 21, 2012 was marked by many religions, prophets and sages as the completion of a 5,000 year cycle, a cycle which took us to a turning point on Planet Earth. A point where lives are in a hanging in balance, teetering between breakdown and breakthrough.earthRise-black

Some believed it was a threshold point for a leap in human consciousness and others declared it as a “doomsday”, the end of the world.

In all of this, some consider themselves instruments in the process. Whether spiritual, religious or cultural creatives of any kind we can think of them as “imaginal cells” of our world. People filled with passion to hold the vision and actively participate in the breakdown-breakthrough process during this major shift in in human consciousness. People who are infused with the passion to write and talk about the changes happening. People who conspire and intend to bring inspiration, purpose and motivation to the world.

They know who they are.

And while some silently do their job, others become famous inspirational spiritual speakers. They want to express their purpose and be part of the resolution for what isn’t working on the planet, bringing forth the most peaceful, loving, compassionate and awe inspiring time in history.

And as I said earlier, in this time of massive change and spiritual highs, it is important to stay alert to the potential to engage in a “spiritual bypass”.

I say this with the knowing we all love to experience the joy, bliss and awe available. We want to experience the wonderful states of consciousness available.

And, at the same time, we can support each other in staying grounded, to support each other in staying in the truth of things:

  • Supporting each other in opening to the vast and multidimensional reality being unveiled, while also staying grounded in the physical, emotional and rational aspects of our planet.
  • Noticing how we are conducting our lives in these uncertain and pivotal times.
  • Evoking the changes we want in the world through deeper inner awareness of ourselves, not loosing ourselves in spiritual high while bypassing the internal work required of each of us.
  • Helping each other remember that spiritual bypass always leads to some kind of crisis, forcing you to get present and grounded.

At times I get excited and find myself spinning into a space where I want to “hold onto” the wonderful joy, bliss and awe I’m experiencing.  And then, “puff” the wonderful experience is gone!  What just happened? Where did I go?  I slipped into what I call my “fantasy bond”! (I’ll share more about what I mean by that in another conversation).

Getting “too far out” eventually leads to exposing things you’ve kept hidden, usually because you thought it wasn’t “spiritual”, so hiding behind a self image as  being someone”spiritually important”. And underneath perhaps you know you’ve been…

  • Judging other people, rather simply seeing the truth and being self reflective bringing more compassion and peace into the world.
  • “Using” people to a get a “disgust fix” about, so you can feel better about yourself.
  • Focusing on who you consider not as conscious as you, or not doing it the “right” way.

In other words, spiritual bypass is bypassing what you really need to be staying present with. It’s a hiding  behind spiritual self importance to stay high and delusional about what’s really happening.

Closing the gap in a spiritual bypass takes a commitment to stay grounded and real. Staying in the truth of  challenges and facing what you need to deal with. And it takes a ruthless decision to not abandon yourself.

THE GOOD NEWS IS: When you stay grounded and are not abandoning yourself, you start to understand the world around you won’t abandon you either. They love and trust you!

Choices to resolve spiritual bypassing include:

  • Admit and resolve any resentment you are holding (see “Getting Clear on Resentment”)
  • Forgive with the willingness to let it go (see “Getting Clear on Forgiveness”)
  • Let go of using spiritual paraphendalia and spirituality as a self image of “who you are” (see “Getting Clear on Spiritual Self Importance”).
  • Allow outer and inner judgements to be radical self-relections to be embraced and set free. (see “Getting Clear on Judgments”)
  • Stay real and embrace challenges in the moment.(see “Getting Clear on Embracement”)

Become the change. Become the catalyst for the changes that we want to see in the world.

To your success,

Crystal Maya. From that point, the adventure will continue onward, bringing untold challenges and blessings. As we advance to a new level on the spiral of Time, let us comprehend the vastness of our journey ahead. Each day the mystery deepens, bringing new trials and new awarenesses. There is no pre-determined outcome to our collective story.The essential message of the 2012 Prophecy is that the more we each awaken to our personal contribution to this planetary moment, the greater the possibilities emerge for positive change.



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Getting Clear on Your Purpose

February 23, 2013


Getting clear on the power of purpose is the key to bringing passion, inspiration and more freedom into your life.

Think about it:

How would it feel to wake up every morning feeling excited, inspired, and looking forward to everything you are going to do that day?

That’s the power that  your purpose can have!

To get clear on your purpose ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the nature of experiencing the purpose that aligns with my essence?
  • What is the nature of experiencing my purpose as the guiding principle in my life?
  • What is the nature of expressing my purpose through beneficial giving and receiving?

Powerful questions give powerful answers… so be watching and listening carefully.

Answers appear in many mysterious and inspiring ways!

For example, they may appear as:

  • A phrase in a story that you are reading may suddenly stand out to you.
  • A phrase or a picture on a billboard may pop out to you as you’re driving down the road.
  • You may overhear someone’s conversation and it grabs your attention
  • You are giving or receiving something and you have a new and enhanced experience!

Now for some interesting scientific research about purpose:

Research has identified these three types of  happiness:  pleasure, passion and purpose.

Read all three of these, and you’ll understand more about the power of having a purpose.

(1) Pleasure is:

  • A wonderful state of feeling pleased or gratified.
  • A sought out experience that comes and goes in relatively short bursts.
  • An experience that is short lived…and leaves you wanting more! (i.e. in the midst of a pleasurable experience having your mind start to wander…wishing that the pleasure would never end and that it just keep going on and on).
Unfortunately, the quest for more and more pleasure can often become a full time occupation.
Check it out… almost all of the advertising you see is about how to get more and more pleasure… more toys, more deliciousness, more sex, more entertainment, more, more, more!
Pursuing more and more pleasure has turned out to be an addictive lifestyle for much of our culture.

 (2) Passion is:

  • A powerful emotion that comes along with loving what you are doing, and feeling alive!
  • Passion lasts longer than pleasure, and yet still tends to fade away leaving you wondering…
  • “Where did my passion it go?
  • “Is this all there is to life?
  •  “Why am I here?”

(3) Purpose

  • Is sustainable!
  • It provides a foundation for all of your experiences
  • it permeates your life with joy and inspiration!
  • It includes both pleasure and passion, and yet there is no need to keep seeking, looking, or longing for what will make you happy.
  • Having purpose gives you a foundation for feeling alive and in sync with something greater in life.
  • Purpose is not all about what pleasures you can satisfy or what you can “get out of it” …it’s about giving and receiving in the contribution to others!
  • Having purpose, and taking action on that purpose, determines the quality and satisfaction in your life.
  • Purpose is something that you discover within yourself, and has a wonderfully anticipated outcome that guides your actions.
  • When you have purpose, you think about the choices you make in a new way. It keeps you deciding if the choice you are making is worth the time and investment. It keeps you steady on your path.
  • You’ll be asking yourself if your choices are supporting your purpose, or if will it cause you to loose momentum.
  • Purpose gives you a sustainable kind of happiness!

 Now,  just for fun,  see if you can guess who wrote this:

“A still, small voice inside me, really more a feeling than a voice, said, ‘This will not be your life. Your life will be more than hanging clothes on a line.’

The certainty of that divine assurance got me through many a difficult moment during my growing years.

I wanted to be a teacher. And to be known for inspiring my students to be more than they thought they could be. I never imagined it would be on TV.

I believe there’s a calling for all of us. I know that every human being has value and purpose. The real work of our lives is to become aware. And awakened, to answer the call”

It’s Oprah!

She was listening to that small voice inside and made step by step choices to take action on them.

 Now ask yourself this:

Have you ever felt like…

  • A small boat in the ocean on a very dark night…with no lighthouse in sight to guide you to the land?
  • Lost without a map…with no clear direction or sense of where you are going?

Sound familiar?

If so, would you like to change that?

Here a few exercises that can support you in finding your lighthouse and map.

Remember that you are in the discovery process that will keep evolving.

For instance, you might think that your purpose is to save money to buy your own house.

And then somewhere down the line, you discover that’s only part of your purpose…and you suddenly  find yourself going down another road…an inspiration to understand why people are homelessness.   And suddenly your life takes a turn and  you have become a catalyst for eliminating homelessness in the world!

So keep yourself in a state of wonder and curiosity…looking around in your world and noticing what is calls you to action!

Thoughts on what your purpose might include:

  • Having your own home
  • Raising a family in a wonderful way
  • Traveling the world
  • Spending time with the people that you love
  • Starting a business of your own
  • Overcoming a challenge
  • Having the ultimate adventure
  • Discovering something new
  • Experiencing the nature of freedom
  • Being a catalyst for beneficial change
  • Understanding yourself and helping others to do the same
  • Learning to have compassion
  • Reaching your highest potential
  • Being in service to others
  • Teaching children
  • Experiencing enlightenment
  • Writing a book
  • Becoming a master in something you love
Remember, we are all very unique individuals that are born to “do our thing”.
So get on out there… and do” it”… so the rest of us can enjoy it!

And here are some simple exercises for springboarding yourself into getting clear on your purpose:

Exercise #1:

  • Get out a piece of paper
  • Draw a small circle in the middle of the paper…and put the word “ME” inside it.
  • Then start thinking about what you love about life… your inspirations, your challenges, you interests, skills, talents, desires, strengths and weaknesses…and everything else you can think of that occupies your life!
  • Jot them down around the center that says “ME”.
  • Keep jotting down words and phrases…while you keep filling up the paper with more and more thoughts about YOU!
  • Now stand back and look at the page.
  • What stands out to you?
  • Identify your strengths…and your weaknesses…inspirations… and challenges.
  • Whatever stands out to you is fine… even the things that you may not be liking about yourself.
  • Remember…even the most uncomfortable things in your life can become the very thing that you share about..and how you brought resolution to that area of your life.  Most likely, many others have had that same challenge…and would love to hear about how you resolved it…and about your process that keeps evolving.
  • Now, ask yourself this question: “If I was writing a song, and looking at this paper, what do I think the theme of my song would be?
  • What theme would you choose to if you knew your song was going to be played to the whole world?
  • What would the world learn from your song?
  • How would your song inspire the world?
  • How would your song make a difference in world?
  • Who would feel nurtured and changed by your song?
  • What would you be giving the world with your song?
  • What would you receive by giving this song?

Whatever you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing right now…write it down!

Let your thoughts keep moving and evolving!

It’s fine if your purpose isn’t totally clear to you right now.  Your intention for clarity is with you…so your purpose is well on the way!

Exercise #2:

  • Start by read this quote: “You were born with an inner guidance system that tells you when you are on or off purpose by the amount of joy you are experiencing. The things that bring you the greatest joy are in alignment with your purpose” (on “finding your purpose” by Jack Canfield , America’s Success Coach and co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  • Now write down what you consider to be two of your greatest strengths (for example, creativity and enthusiasm)
  • And write down how you use those strengths (for example, to support and to inspire).
  • Now imagine what you think would be a perfect world… see it, smell it, listen to it,  and get in the bodily felt sense of what it would  feel like to you (for example, a wonderful place to be…harmonious, free, and full of expressions of love)
  • Combine all of what you just wrote down into a single statement.
  • For example: My purpose is to use my creativity and enthusiasm to support and inspire others to freely express their talents in a harmonious and loving way.

” With a purpose, everything in life seems to fall into place. To be ‘on purpose’ means you’re doing what you love to do, doing what you’re good at, and accomplishing what’s important to you”

Thank you Jack Canfield!

Keep writing down as much as learn about your purpose… and put it somewhere that you can see it!

Let this be your road map and lighthouse for the choices you make each and every moment.

Keep asking yourself this question,  “Is the choice I am about to make in alignment with my purpose?

And as a wonderful adventure into seeing one woman’s discovery of purpose, take a moment to watch this video:

May using these tools become an adventure that brings you more freedom and clarity on the joys of having purpose in your life ! 

I welcome any comments, questions or ideas.

With intent of discovering the freedom that comes with finding your most fulfilling purpose,


(520) 907-6864


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Making a Successful Ebook…might be easier than you think!

June 16, 2012


Making an ebook was easier than I thought.

I was inspired to write this post about making a successful ebook after reading a very touching story about a man who had gone through a miserable divorce and had finally found a way to come to peace with it.

He was so grateful not to be suffering anymore, that he decided to write an article about his experience for others who might be going through the same thing he had just been through.

He had so many wonderful responses to his article that his friends suggested that he write an Ebook.

So with a little help from his friends, he was able to make an Ebook and send it to a targeted audience that he thought might be interested.

To his total surprise they bought it like crazy!

He had turned what was a miserable experience into an opportunity that was helping others…and he was making money!

There was something about the way the story was written that really touched me and gave me goosebumps!.

I felt waves of appreciation for how much access we have to learn about other people’s experiences, challenges and resolutions.

And how the Internet has given us a way to support one another from anywhere in the world…how cool is that!?!

So what exactly is an Ebook, anyway?

And Ebook a digital vehicle that lets you take an idea that’s in your head and turn it into a product that you can offer on the Internet.

And if you are anything like I was, you are inspired and motivated to get on with doing it!

And wondering what you need to get started!

Well, what you need to make an Ebook  is:

  • A healthy desire to provide a solution for someone’s problem…for a person “out there” that desperately needs what you have to offer…a desire to connect and provide a solution for  your “ideal customer”
  • A willingness to tap into that person’s head and imagine the key words or phrases that your ideal customer might be typing into Google as a way to find a solution to what they desperately need help for (ie…the solution that YOU have to offer!)
  • A good way to test your Ebook to see if your solution is connecting with the people that are desperately looking for it. You also want to test to see if the solution you are providing is working in such a way that they can understand and implement it.  Once you have this information you will know how to tweak it to make it a better product and easier to find on the Internet.
  • Good tools to make your product

Healthy Desire to provide a solution for my “ideal customer”:

Now you might be wondering, “How do I figure out who my ‘ideal customer’ is?”

Well, a good place to start is to think about the biggest challenges and/or the most uncomfortable (or downright miserable) experiences that you’ve had in your life.

Think about and have brought peace and resolution to those experiences.

Or maybe you are still in the middle of it…and are discovering what is and isn’t working to and can share about that.

To get more clear on what I’m talking about, ask yourself:

  • What have been the conversations in my head when I had this problem?
  • What’s were my conversations with other people?
  • Did I keep it a secret and try to fix it myself…and how did that work?
  • What worked and what didn’t work?
  • Can sharing what I went through support other people in not feeling alone in their experience?
  • Can I be a catalyst for helping them create new conversations in their heads that help them come to resolution?

Other ideas that you might have in your head for an Ebook may include information that you have on:

  • How to make… or accomplish something
  • Resolving a relational problem with yourself or another person
  • Resolving any another kind of issue… by interviewing different people on what they think about resolving the issue… ideas and tips on how they have dealt with those issues themselves.
  • Developing skills and talents
  • Health and Wellness
  • How to raise children
  • Having pets
  • Tips and information on travel
  • Making choices on products and other things that people like to buy
  • Creating a different life style
  • What NOT to do around a certain topic or what you learned about having a certain experience
  • And…whatever 🙂

If you decide that that you want your ebook to be very profitable, be sure you have a product that not only useful, but is one that your ideal customer is desperately looking for.  You can always go back to the drawing board, and look for ways to tweak things so that your idea fits that criteria.

The key is to narrow your focus as much as you can to fill a very specific urgent need. For instance, if you tell me you’ll fix my fear of heights I’ll try to fit you in next Tuesday. But if you me you’ll fix my fear of flying when I’m just about to take the trip of a lifetime around the world and, I’ll cancel whatever I’m doing!

Tapping into your ideal customers head:

Close your eyes for a moment and pretend that you are your ideal customer.

You have a problem and you are desperate to find the solution (i.e…you have a very painful ache in your shoulder and you can’t sleep at night).

Pretend that you can’t go to sleep, and start typing in key words into the Google search engine to desperately find a solution (i.e…”how do I fix my aching shoulder?” ).

What keywords and phrases did you come up with as you were pretending to be your ideal customer?

So, as you are making your Ebook be sure that you include those keywords and phrases in your writing, so that when you put it out on the market they can find your solution!


Testing can stop you from wasting too much time on products that no one wants and can help you to focus on creating products that have a better chance of success.

Publish a short version of what you want to do and wait for feedback.

You can put out your idea out on different forums where people are hanging out talking about the specific issues and topics you are writing about.

You can google blogs and other platforms like Facebook, where you think your ideal customers will be looking…and add comments…and ask questions (question create engagement…which is what you want!)

You could do a survey with on Facebook and ask people if they would be interested in what you have to offer…or offer them a free test run copy…and ask them what they think of your idea… and if they would give you a testimonial to use in your advertising.

Watch for their the reaction.

Remember the two magic ingredients: desperation and urgency. I need it and I want it now!

Once you have their feedback and it looks like your product is something that your market is starving for, then go ahead and keep on working to make it even better!

How to create your product quickly:

“Burning desire is intertwined with urgent desperation. It’s the same feeling, inverted. If you’re dying to write it, and they’re dying to read it, you have the magic combination. The rest is a question of reaching your market and meeting expectations by delivering excellence.” 

Just like the man who had a difficult divorce, his original article was an opportunity for him to share his experiences and help others, and then by turning it into an Ebook he had the opportunity to help even more people, in much more detail.

If you are truly inspired and really care about your customer, then you will connect with your customer in a way that will be a very rewarding for both of you!

Some tips on starting to write it:

Spend some time creating an overview of what messages you want to convey in your Ebook….jot them down and funnel it down to the core message that you want to get across…and make an outline of how you imaging it all coming together.

Then start writing and….

  • Don’t stop
  • Don’t edit
  • Don’t trying to fix or correct anything
  • Just write until you know it’s time to quit
  • When you are ready start writing the same way again…just let it flow…don’t try to stop and fix it
  • When you get to the end, leave your work alone for a couple of days.
  • A couple of days or so later, find some quiet time to work in and start editing
  • Edit your work once, twice at most.

If you are always stoping to edit your work as you write, you will be interrupting your flow and you invariably get stuck in details and loose your authenticity. Creativity is spontaneous and you can always go back and correct any grammar and/or make it more readable in the editing stage.

Tell the ideas and stories that are in your head as if you were talking to your best friend…as as if you’re helping out somebody you care about.

Listen to what you would be saying, and them write it down.

Tools that you will need:

  (1) A place to write or add you Ebook into that is user friendly.

  • Start a blog and use your “pages”.  That’s how I to wrote my Ebook.  I wrote the the chapters on separate pages and turned it into a 5 day long sequence that I put in my Awber autopresponder system so my customers receive a lesson a day with the intention that they will have time to digest and assimilate the information in between each lesson. People tell me that they have loved receiving it that way… and look forward to getting it in their inbox each day.
  • Open Office ( is another option if you don’t have a blog and are going to advertise it on Facebook or another platform. This is free software. I haven’t used it myself, and I’ve heard that it is simple to use… and has an “Export to PDF” function which is a fantastic feature when publishing your Ebook.. If you already have Microsoft Word and you prefer to write with this, stick to what you’re comfortable with…and just turn it into a PDF file. (Note: Open Office currently supports the Windows Operating System only. If you’re looking for Mac Software I recommend using
All that said, if you want to learn more on how to use Open Office, go to YouTube and type in “How to use Open Office” and you will find lots of video tutorials that will support you learning how to use it. 

(2) Somewhere to publish your books to and sell from:

  • You can start a blog. (Click here and go to my website to find out more. Look under New Possibilities tab and go to the section on “Tuning Your Skills and Talents Into an Online Business” Opt in and it will take you to a page where there is a very clear and FREE ebook on how to start a blog…and more!)
  • is free.  This is a printer on demand. Create an account, upload your document and you’re done. You get a page for your book plus a shopping cart, and nothing to set up. Lulu handles all the sales and the delivery, and sends you a check quarterly for all your sales and take a tiny fee for their service. But more importantly, with  you retain all the copyrights to your work. This is key. I’ve heard that people have looked at dozens of print on demand services over the years and lulu is the only one that doesn’t seen that doesn’t attempt to steal your copyright in any way.I would be sure to check it out before you start thought…just to be sure that nothing has changed. The person who made this suggestion to me, has only praise for them.
             There are also some good tutorials on Youtube…just type in “How to use to publish an Ebook”…or something similar to that!

(3) Making your Ebook pretty and looking professional: 

  • There is a resource on…I haven’t used it myself but I hear that it is user friendly.
  • You will also find cover artists and graphic designers on, Fiverr or ( I use and they’ll make a cover for $5.00!).
  • I also know a website designer who uses Photoshop…his name is John Christensen at…or call him at  608- 432- 2814. He is a personal friend of mine and fun and easy to work with!
  • You can make one yourself for a free cover for your book at (you can also upgrade to a paid version)
  • And I’ve also had a good experience with
  • Alot of marketers are also using…they send your idea out to many different designers and you get to pick the one you like best…and just pay for that one!
(4) Adding images or Pictures to you Ebook is an option:
I personally like seeing images or pictures as I am reading a report or an ebook…and it makes it more fun for me to write them 🙂
You can google “stock photos and images” and see what comes up…you’ll find places where you can find free and paid ones .
A couple of resources that I like are:
  •       I like them because it is an easy system to use… and I can keep a running “lightbox” of images or pictures that I particularly like and go back and purchase them  whenever I want or need them. They have free images and paid ones in a variety of price ranges.
  • (someone that I know and trust just gave me this one which is her favorite!).
  • is great for cropping, editing and getting the link you might need for some of your own photos.
(5)  Deciding on the cost of your Ebook:

When you are deciding on the cost look online and see if there are any products similar to yours so you can get an idea of a starting point. Studies have shown that using  a “7” in the price make a product sell better.

  1. $27
  2. $37
  3. $47
  4. $67
  5. $97
  6. $99

You can use the more standard looking prices such as:

  1. $9.99
  2. $19.95
  3. etc

Pricing a product and putting it out on the market will be a test in itself, and of course be affected by the quality of your product. Price it quickly…see the results…and  then be prepared to tweak it!  The market will let you know how much they are willing to pay for it!

More on the Maketing part:

If you want to learn more about attraction marketing for:

  • Selling your ebook
  • Marketing your business
  • Selling other products you or others have.

I highly recommend that you find yourself a good marketing team to support and guide you.

I am grateful every day for the team that I am partnering with. If you want further information on any of this please make an appointment to talk with me at

I welcome your comments and questions.

With intent for your success,






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