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My journey to discover the nature of freedom began 40 years ago when I noticed there was a little voice inside my head asking, “What’s wrong with me?

In the quest to find the answer , I asked questions,  read every book I could get my hands on, listened carefully to the voices in my head and thoroughly explored the nature of my emotions.

At a certain point in the process I heard myself say, “Enough is enough, Crystal, there must be something  you’re missing here”, so I put out more prayers and questions to the universe. And sure enough, a stream of answers started pouring  in many fun and mysterious ways.

Soon I was grateful to be understanding there was nothing wrong with me, knowing my struggle inside was something of my own making. I also was also attracting like minded people, who wanted the same kind of freedom I was looking for. The context I was  living in was shift dramatically.

I started to see the the patterns in what is commonly called “crazy”, and began to experience what life was like if I dis-engaged  from what I now call “addictive control”.

I started to understand the true nature of addiction. Not just the kind that we usually think of (drugs, alcohol, etc), but the underlying control and manipulation that was driving my life.

Suddenly it was clear I was not a victim, and was experiencing life in a brand new way. And never had I had a passion as to share what I was learning, and soon it had evolved into a full time business which I’m now in the process of taking online.

What I’m good at is helping people learn what it means to experience a sustainable kind of freedom that radiates from their inside out.

You can expect:

(1) A dynamic shift in your perception

(2) A deep sense of relief

(3) A deeper level of self confidence

(4) A renewed experience of inspiration, motivation and passion in your life

(5) A knowing that there is always a resolution for the challenges in your life.

(6) Experiencing a freedom that radiates from your inside out, while knowing you’re a catalyst for the changes you want to see in the world.

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With the intent for your success,