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The Currency of Affluence

October 16, 2016


Throughout history, humans have strived for affluence, most often by accumulating money or wealth. Currency has been referred to as medium of exchange like gold, bank notes, or other physical things that people place value on. Today much of our currency is experienced as a digital movement going back and forth with no intrinsic value. The currency of affluence can also be perceived as a current of dreamstime_m_15643706income-ing energy moving through us. A current of incoming affluence coming directly from our connection with the source that creates and sustains us.

Some people experience affluence as a natural state of being. Others spend their lives hoping and dreaming that affluence will someday happen to them. They work hard and assume that lacking must be their lot in life. They often wonder if the affluent are hoarding some kind of secret they will never have access to. People who experience lacking sometimes envy, judge and assume that affluent people are crooked, selfish people that take all the wealth that should to be divided up with all the others on our planet.

Meanwhile, we all are witnessing flowers, trees, babies, technology and other forms of manifestation bursting into life around us. We ponder the nature of the source that creates us all and wonder how to harness that power. We want to experience that flow of affluence in our own lives. A question might be, “What is the nature of experiencing ourselves free of any holding back from the currency of affluence that available to us?”

By asking these questions, more and more people are coming to understand that an endless currency of affluence is accessible to everyone. It is how we think, feel and behave that makes the difference whether or not we experience the affluence available to us.

The following are 7 great ways to allow the currency of affluence to flow through us: 

(1) Asking powerful questions and receiving powerful answers. Notice how the following question is stated in the form of receiving the answer as the actual experience we want: “What is the nature of experiencing the currency of affluence flowing from my inside out?”

(2) Letting energy circulate freely through our bodies. Asking ourselves of we are stagnant or allowing a free flow of energy to circulate through us? Movement expands the space for changing how we think, feel and take action in our lives. Bradford Keeney’s book, “Shaking Medicine” is great testament to how movement has restored wellness and true affluence throughout human history.

(3) Admitting there is no secret. Acknowledging that deep inside we know the truth. We have the power to make changes in our lives. We can start by ask ourselves questions such as: “What is the nature of experiencing myself as sufficient enough to realize what I want in life?” Lynn Twist’s book, The Soul of Money, is a wonderful resource for discovering the truth of our sufficiency to be affluent.

(4) Exploring the unconscious habitual impulses of our personality. Instead of defending ourselves, we can embrace the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that perpetuate our lack of affluence. Our inner guidance system can introduce us to fresh approaches for becoming aware of whatever is holding us back. A wonderful the book, The Wisdom of the Enneagram, can help us see and resolve many of the details of how we resist, deny and deceive ourselves. Seeing ourselves so clearly may feel uncomfortable at first, and if we hang in there, we can see the humor in it all

(5) Conjuring up the bodily felt sense of how it feels to be affluent. Imagining how it would feel to be affluent with the currency of affluence moving through us. Allowing ourselves to bring forth a wonderful sense of well being, with new ideas and solutions flowing effortlessly into our lives.

(6)  Cultivating a network of people who we can call upon when we want support. Creating affluence with influence. We probably already have friends, neighbors, business associates and acquaintances who we have influence with. When you meet or see one of them, discover if  there is any way you can be supportive.

(7) Having affluent conversations with ourselves. Appreciating the affluence that is already present in our lives. Acknowledging that our lives are always changing and talking to ourselves from an affluent point of view. Noticing if our conversations with ourselves are about what is missing or how we are excited about opening the flood gates to all the possibilities that are available to us.

(8) Willingness. Willingness is the art of suspending thoughts, feelings and any holding back we feel in our bodies. It is the art of allowing something new to happen. A good 10 seconds of pure willingness can get the ball rolling!

To the power of allowing affluent currency to move through us,

Crystal Presence





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