Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck

“Spiral Dynamics”, by Don Beck, is a dynamic model of human development that can help us understand some of the biggest issues in our world today.

Don brings understanding and compassion into difficult questions  about how to interact with differences in the developmental stages of human consciousness.

It brings awareness by providing a leading edge model of how humans ascend from basic biological needs to the more complex psychological motivations such as belongingness, esteem, cognitive, esthetic and self-actualization. It describes how our human needs at each level must be at least partially satisfied before the needs of the next level start to determine how we take action in our lives…from the evolutionary needs of basic survival to the quest for self-actualization and beyond.

Bottom line, the value of this book is to bring a more encompassing awareness, acceptance and compassion to the many different levels of consciousness functioning simultaneously on our planet… and to use the information to bring forth a more integral approach to the leadership we need in our world today.

The application of this model is being integrated into everything from corporate management, medicine, education and law.

Don Beck and Ken Wilber,  the well known integral psychologist,  have recently shown how some of these ideas are being immensely helpful in the fields of health and wellness…and how it is being successfully applied in some very difficult situations around the world, most famously in the post-Apartheid era in South Africa.

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