New Possibilities

January 25, 2014

New Possibilities

Freedom creates the time and space to ignite and realize new and exciting possibilities…

(1) How to Ignite a New Possibility

As we make the biggest shift in human consciousness, we wonder how to bring resolution to the chaos, suffering and struggle we see in the world. We strive to bring forth a new kind of leadership and find ourselves sometimes wondering if chaos, suffering and struggle are “just how life is”? If not, how do we ignite new possibilities? One thing we have learned is that resistance, avoidance and complaining about the problems never works. What we resist, persists. The problems we resist will always show up again in different forms, times and places.  The question is are we part of the resolution or part of the problem?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them”, Albert Einstein

A good example is Mary who is always looking for a way to have a better relationship with her husband. She resists his way of thinking and tries to control and manipulate him to see things her way. She talks about it, argues about it and builds up resentment when her husband does not “get it”. Her husband grows more resistant, resentful and less affectionate. By not facing their issues their resistance persists. These behaviors keep them feeling disconnected and separate from themselves and one another.

Visionary and author, Esther Hicks has said, “problems are unsuccessful attempts to resolve difficulties.” Deep inside we know that the problems we have are of our own making, and now we are facing a major global breakdown-breakthrough. We feel vulnerable as we watch our systems breaking down (politics, government, education, medicine, religion, institutions and relationships), and find ourselves reaching out with a stronger motivation to ask new questions.

The following are some of powerful questions we can be asking ourselves:

What is the nature of experiencing ourselves as part of the resolution?
What is the nature of experiencing ourselves drawing upon resolutions from past, present and future?
What is the nature of experiencing resolution oriented leadership?

The following are some of the key things to remember as we ignite new possibilies:

  • When a problem comes into focus so does the resolution.
  • Every question has an answer.
  • Change is inevitable.
  • Changing beliefs will change our realities.
  • It’s a choice what we want to focus on.
  • Every resolution comes out of connection with our source and listening to it through our inner guidance system
  • Being great role models for igniting new possibilities and creating resolution is the best thing we can do for the children and our future.

Dr. Jean Houston, a highly respected leader in the human potential movement, says “The time is now to stop getting all caught up in the mess we have made. It is time to tap into the incredible access that we have to see the solutions”.  She inspires us to be pioneers in this exciting time in human history. She encourages us to explore, interact, connect and listen to the stories of resolution that are arising from all around the world.

With our hearts and souls engaged for change, we know that we are part of a new level of leadership rising up from all walks of life. We are finding our way to cross the divide between ourselves and others, locally and globally. We are sourcing new qualities in ourselves through deep meditation, widening our horizons and staying in alignment with ourselves. We are moving with passion, understanding and listening deeply to ourselves and others. We feel ourselves igniting possibilities for resolution.

With the gifts of the internet, travel and global networking we are now are tapping into the incredible wisdom of many different cultures and how they come to resolution. We also have access to using teleconferencing where we can participate with 30,000 people worldwide!

Here are some core ways we can cultivate being part of the resolution…

  • Dance, shake and vibrate. Move and circulate our energy, opening space for resolutions to reveal themselves.
  • Cultivate a deep connection with ourselves and our source.
  • Bring clarity to what we want.
  • Cultivate curiosity and passion for new possibilities.
  • Release old static pictures of ourselves and world.
  • Embrace life as a process of constant change.
  • Ask questions that enhance our expectations.
  • Cultivate the ability to focus on the resolution.
  • Expect allies to appear with support.
  • Release the belief that history has to repeat itself.
  • Rewrite our stories of past, present and future with focus on all the positive outcomes they have had.
  • Draw from the resources and successes we already have.
  • Appreciate even the small changes while expecting more.
  • Stop doing what is not working.
  • Embrace and trust the process.
  • Take action on the ideas that inspire, motivate and make us feel good.
  • As the acorn is guided to grow into an oak tree, allow the same greater intelligence to guide us in becoming all that we are.
  • Stretch to imagine how wonderful resolution in the world will feel

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