Let’s see, just exactly who are you trying to save?

March 9, 2014

Freedom at the Core, Home

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who exactly am I trying to save?”

Well I have, many times.

Years ago I, I went an organization that was committed to “Save the ________”.

It was obvious that they all had good intentions.

They wanted to create a resolution.

At the same time I remember leaving there thinking , “Wow, they better start thinking about saving themselves first!”.

It was sad see how stressed, overworked, and exhausted everyone felt.

They were up in arms and convinced that they were the “good ones” trying to convince “bad ones” to stop what they were doing. An endless battle.

Their energy was literally “tied up” in trying to fix who they thought were the “trapped” while trying to convince the “unconscious” ones.

The sad part was that they had become the “caged” and “unconscious” ones themselves!

Think about it.

If your energy is all “tied up” in trying to save and convince someone, what is your own experience going to be? All tied up and needing to be saved!

And now you’re part of the problem. Dang!

On that note I leave you with a powerful question:

What is the nature of experiencing myself part of the resolution without becoming part of the problem?


To the power resolution,




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