Greet Your Guilt

June 27, 2015

Freedom at the Core, Welcome

People ask me, “How do I let go of the guilt I have?”

I say, “Well, first describe to me what guilt is for you. say: “Guilt is doing something wrong.”

 I say:  “Doing something wrong is a behavior, right?”

They say:  “Yes.'”

I say:  “Okay, now describe how guilt feels to you.”

They say:  “It’s a mucky feeling in my gut”

I say:  “Describe the feeling,”

They say: “Tight, stuck and miserable.”

I say: “Point to where you feel it the most.”

They say:  “Right here.”

I say :  “How did it get there?”

They say:  “I guess, I put it there.”

I say: “How?”

They say:  “Tightening up around my chest and stomach.”

I say: “And then what happens when you’re tight and constricted inside?”

They say:  “I feel terrible”

I say:  “Is feeling terrible something you deserve? Is it a punishment for something you did?”

They say: “Yes, I hadn’t thought of it that way.”

I say:  “Would you rather be feeling miserable and guilty…or  creating resolution?”

They say: “ Resolution of course! But how do I get rid of that terrible feeling of guilt?”

I say:  First of all, trying to “get rid of” it doesn’t work.

What does work is…

  • Admit and greet the guilt.
  • Embrace it.
  • Breathe into it.
  • Talk to it.
  • Move and circulate the energy in and out of it.
  • Vibrate into it.
  • Let it know you won’t abandon it.
  • Let it talk to you, and keep conversation going back and forth between you and your guilt.
  • Express and feel the guilt…
  • Let any shame vibrate and move through you.
  • Let it move and circulate.
  • Be willing…
  • Let go of  holding on inside.
  • Allow the guilt to dissolve, resolve and evolve.
  • Be willing…
  • Freedom is closer than you think! 

Admitting and feeling the guilt can be overwhelming at first…

and if you’re willing to embrace, vibrate and stay with the feeling

 all the way through…

I guarantee you’ll  find a loving, forgiving place inside.

Suddenly you’ll remember you’re a loving person, ready to learn from your experience.  

You will have literally let go of the holding back…

and are ready to apologize to yourself, and whoever else is involved.. (either in person or telepathically.


The part of you that was holding guilt in place…

is free now…

Free to be the part of you who reminds you…

to accept, love and embrace all your experiences,

no matter what the evidence.

To embracing guilt and setting yourself free.

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