Getting Clear on What You Want to Receive

February 23, 2014


Now it’s time to get super clear on what you want to receive. You’ll be amazed at how much difference this makes in the amount of freedom you can experience.

Start right here…

Do you remember as a kid, having an adult say to you, “Now just remember, it’s better to give than to receive”?

And your first thought was “NO WAY!”                                              

Well you were absolutely right on to think that!

Without Receiving where would all the Giving to go?

What were they thinking?!!!

So getting clear on what you think about receiving is a necessary part of your success in all your giving!

Now ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the nature of experiencing what is most beneficial for me to receive?
  • What is the nature of experiencing my willingness to receive?
  • What is the nature of experiencing the ongoing expansion of my ability and willingness to receive?

Once again, you will be receiving the answers to these question in many different ways!

Check it out….what are you receiving, right here, right now?

Close your eyes and start noticing…. 

  • Your breathing…the air.
  • Yourself as an energy being connected to everything from your inside out
  • Sounds
  • Taste
  • Smells
  • Awareness
  • Emotions
  • Visuals even with your eyes closed!
  • Light
  • Ideas
  • Thoughts

Open your eyes

What did you learn?

Write it down because it’s key to your success!

The universe is wired with endless circuits of giving and receiving.

How much you get to enjoy it is a matter of how willing you are to receive it!

One of the biggest questions to keep asking yourself :  “Am I really willing to receive all that the universe is offering me, right here, right now?”

And if so, what are my limits?

The universe is wired with endless circuits of giving and receiving. How much you get to enjoy it is a matter of how willing you are to receive it!

So the biggest question to keep asking yourself :  “Am I really willing to receive all that the universe is offering me, right here, right now?”

And if so, what are my limits?

And if you are like most people living in this world, much of your moment to moment focus is filled with the seemingly endless tasks in your life, and you may forget to stop and to get present…and allow the awesomeness of your existence inspire you!

Anytime you start fussing about something not working the way you want it to, I just take a deep breathe and stop what you are doing…and get yourself self back to the bodily felt experience of awe.

From that place, all the little things that you were  fussing about suddenly loose the power to annoy you, and the resolutions that you want suddenly are with you!

Check out some common beliefs about receiving…and some ideas on how you can shift them and change them into a new experience:

  •  “I don’t know what I want”

I am listening to myself closely now.. and what I want is clear. 

  •  “If I get clear on what I want… and I never receive it, I’ll feel powerless…and I want to avoid that feeling at all costs…so I’ll just keep staying in the process of building my hopes up…hoping that someday I’ll get what I want”

My new experience is:  “Getting clear on what I want is empowering for me…it opens me up to receive what the universe is wanting to give me. I am listening closely and receiving the guidance that is being provided to me.. following that guidance step-by step…as I am receiving all the pieces that are giving me what I truly want!”

  • “If I ever get what I want I might find out that I’ve made a mistake…. and then I’ll be stuck with it forever…so it’s better to act like I don’t even know what I want so that I can be free.”

My new experience is:  “In the the process of getting what I want I may have some learning experiences along the way. I’m only agreeing to the most loving, nurturing and empowering learning experiences and am using them as a springboard to open up my limits to  receive what I want fully.”

  • “If I receive what I want then I’ll  feel guilty because there are so many people in the world that are not getting what they want”.

My new experience is:  ” I am free to receive with gratitude everything that is mine to receive. The best way to support others in learning how to receive is to keep receiving what is mineMy willingness to receive is a catalyst in the the mass conscious mind. It touches everyone and is part of the breakthrough and resolution that I want to be part of.”

  • “If I discover that I have the power to focus on what I want and receive it, I will get clear on that enormous amount of power that I have and be scared of it…after all, people in power are usually corrupt and take advantage of people.”

My new experience is:  “I have the power to receive what I want. Anyone can be embowered to do that if they are willing. Being powered is a loving nurturing experience to be having… and it opens up the space to give and receive in a way that can change peoples lives for the better. I am using that power to be a beneficial catalyst for resolution in the world”.

  • “The ability to receive is only for special people that have power…I could never have that kind of power.”

My new experience is:  “We are all created equal and are one with the source..and, if I’m willing, I am able to tap into the source of my receiving , and I choose to do so.”

  • “I’ve wanted things before and I never received them so I might as well give up.”

My new experience is: “I can ask for what I want and receive it…and I am trusting the process and timing that universe knows best is the way to give to me. I am allowing myself to receive what I want in the most beneficial and empowering way.”

  • “There’s no use wanting more, because this is all there is”

My new experience is:  “The abundance of the universe is unlimited. Anything that is truly mine will manifest for me at the most beneficial time.”

  • I didn’t know what I want because I need to be so busy taking care of what everyone else wants.

My new experience is:  “I know what I want and allow others to receive what they want. It is not my responsibility to give others what they want. I choose what to giving to those only those who are willing and that I know are the most appropriate to give to.”

  • I’m unwilling to receive much because then I will feel obliged to give back to them…and I don’t have the time and energy…it’s just simpler to be left alone and not have much.

My new experience is: “Giving and receiving comes natural to me. I am knowing that I am only inspired to give when it is the right thing for everyone involves. I am allowing the myself full experience of appropriate giving and receiving…it opens me up to all the wonderful things in life and gives me the freedom that I want.”


Here are some more thoughts on receiving:

  •  Lynn Twist,  author of The Soul of Money and co-founder the Pachamama Alliance, says this….

 “When you get out of the chase for more and actually pay attention to what’s already there, you start to see that life meets you exactly where you are and gives you exactly what you need. It’s not an amount of anything. It’s a way of being, a way of seeing, a way of living”.


And now onto another question:  

Have you ever had someone try to convince you of why you should be receiving something?  A person who thinks they are doing “for your own good”…and they try to persuade you to buy, receive, or do something… or try to persuade you to think the same ways as they do?

I have to admit, I’ve done that myself.

Especially as a mom who wants the best for my kid…I just want to get the point across and be sure that she receives what I say  so she can avoid doing what I did!

Or when I try  to convince someone of something new I’ve discovered and assume everyone else with be as excited as I am!

Dang, when I  think about all the times that I’ve done that it makes me squirm!

I remember how people were turned their eyes away from me…and then I just tried harder and harder to get them to receive the wonderful thing that I thought I had to offer.


And the horrible part is that I hate it when people do that to me…. and I just want to get away as fast as I can!

One day while realizing that I didn’t want to do that any more, I ran accross and article on the internet (I wish I could find it again, because the writer  said it just nailed it!)

He said that studies have shown it is human nature to pull away from being persuaded or convinced.

Even if someone is shaking their head in agreement…some part of them will not be receiving it…and will start  pushing and rebelling inside against it

If it’s the tiniest bit of convincing, and they seem to be receiving what you are say, inside there is a part of them saying “no way!”.

And if someone receives an idea or a product, and they feel that they have been persuaded, they often give it back or don’t ever use it.

As I’ve mentioned before,  then I was happy when I heard about the work Michael Oliver calls “natural selling”.

His work gave me exactly what I wanted to know to about how to overcome this challenge!

When Michael was describing how people use convincing…I was suddenly struck how much I still try to convince and persuade myself!

I was still trying to persuade and convince myself to receive things that I really didn’t even want!

And I was responding to myself the same way that others did to me…I  just wanted to get away from myself…which meant getting unpresent…and rejecting myself…so in the long run, not deserving to receive anything that I want!

WOW, that was an eye opener!

So I decided to apply Michael Oliver’s natural selling to myself.

I suggest that you see what happens if you follow along and see what happens if you apply it to yourself.

  • Let go of assuming that you know what you want
  • Suspend overpowering yourself with all the good stuff that you think you want and need …and telling yourself why it would be wonderful that you had it.
  • Set out to find out what is at the core of where you have been, where you are now, and gently discover for yourself what is true about what you really need right now.

Whew, isn’t that a relief!

Just think how understanding yourself in this way will affect, not only your success in receiving, but also in successful giving!

Think of all the rejection and uncomfortable moments that you can avoid.

And how fun… to have your job be to get your curiousity turned on… and learn how to ask good questions to yourself and others…and learn about how to turn the answers to the question into to more and more good questions!

Remember, the problem with always trying to convince yourself into a quick solution… is that you may unconsciously be setting yourself up for failure because you haven’t really involved yourself in your own conversation.

  • Jumping in with with everything that other people tell you on How you “should” do it, never gives you that chance to explore where you’ve been and what is it that will really give you the experience that you want now!
  • You might  jump at the chance to hop on with an idea that someone you know has found inspiring and totally right for them…only to be dissapointed because it’s not turning out to be a right fit for you.
  • It doesn’t matter what others think of their products or solutions….it’s what YOU think!
  • You need to feel involved and discovering for yourself.
  • Most people have good intentions of being for you… but bottom line they are often more interested in themselves.
  •  Do you want to be talked at or told?
  • Or do you want to be asked and heard?

With all that in mind, create a space for yourself where it’s quiet and supportive.

Enter a discovery journey where you can answer these questions:

  • Who am I now?
  • Where am have I coming from and where am I going?
  • What are my dreams and visions for my life?
  • What are my values?
  • What do I want? And why do I want it?
  • What don’t I want? Why don’t I want it?
  • What have I learned from the things that didn’t work very well?
  • What was missing in those situations?
  • What would I have chosen differently…and why?
  • Do I want to change my present situation?
  • Am I ready and willing?

Notice how it feels to talk to yourself in this way… time to look at where you’ve been, and get real about what things have worked out well in your life… and what didn’t.

You’ve taken time evaluate how you felt about what you were doing back then… and about what you are doing now…not based on whether it “should be” working for you, but on what actually feels right for you.

Quick overview of your listening  journey:

  • Listen to yourself rather than trying to convince yourself of the next thing that you “should” want.
  • Let your inner self take over by asking yourself questions.
  • Listen to your answers carefully and then ask yourself another question based on what you learned from the answer to the last one!
  • Concentrate on everything you say and don’t say.
  • Notice as you answer your questions what starts getting ignited internally.
  • Let your questions and answers keep opening yourself up to  you see the ways you have been thinking and feeling…while you are winning your own trust.

Now check it out…are you coming  up with only your more surface needs… like more clothes, a house, more freedom, money, time, residual income, health, less stress, less cost, fewer deadlines, less politics, less commute, less work, less effort, or a new car.

Those are great, AND keep going deeper… and let yourself get to a even fuller picture of what you want to receive.

For instance, how do you feel about what you don’t want?  You are working really hard but you just don’t feel the acknowledgment you deserve…and that leaves you feeling used, frustrated and drained at the end of the day.

By going deeper like this you start to see that, it’s not so much what you want that’s important, but the reason why you want what you want.

So now what you want might sound like “I want to work with a team where I feel energized and acknowledged for what I do”

So you see how important that it is for you to touch into the core of why you want something…so you receive what will actually be rewarding for you.

Clarity brings power!

To remind you of many of the core things that you might want, here’s the same list that I put here when you were getting clear on what you want to give. Now look at it as a way to get clear on what you want to receive!

  • Be listened to
  • Be recognized
  • Be heard                                     
  • Be appreciated
  • Be in charge of my life
  • Be challenged
  • Be understood
  • Be acknowledge
  • Be part of something
  • To love and be loved
  • Be fulfilled
  • Be affirmed
  • Be respected
  • Be liked
  • Be among positive people
  • Have self-esteem
  • Have a sense of community
  • Have a sense of security
  • To have excitement

You may also be looking for…

  • Achievement
  • Power
  • Fun
  • Companionship
  • Comfort
  • Inner Peace
  • Sense of Safety
  • Assurance
  • Stability
  • Harmony
  • Acknowledgement
  • Personal Satisfaction

Now one more thing:

Have you ever noticed that if you focus on what you don’t want…that you just keep getting more of what you don’t want?

Then focus on what you do want!

And guess what you’ll get…what you want!

Write what you want down put your list wherever you can see them!

On the refrigerator, on the back of the door, and anywhere where you will keep noticing them and bring them back to mind!

Congratulations on getting more clear on what you want to receive.

I guarantee that having done this will create more of the kind of freedom that you want in your life.

Please leave any comments, questions, or ideas that you may have.

To your freedom to receive,





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