Ego, friend or Foe?

August 3, 2015


How would it feel to have someone always trying to push you away? dt Lady says NO

Have you been treating your ego that way?

What if your ego is designed to be

your friend and ally?

Think about it…

“Ego” is a psychological term popularized by Freud.

Ego is term meaning the part of your conscious mind

aware of your identity and the fact you exist.

Other definitions of ego include:

  • “An alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation”.
  • “That which is responsible for one’s thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason”.

Your “ego” is an integral part of you.

Ego allows you to be  aware you exist.

It gives you a sense of wholeness in relation to everyone

and everything else in the universe.

Ego makes you aware of having healthy boundaries

within a greater knowing you’re literally “One with All That Is”.

So how did ego get such a bad rap?

Spiritual, religious and psychological teachings often confuse ego

with the perception of how you see yourself, your self image.

The confusion is understandable, and it’s important to remember

no part of you is separate from the whole of you, including your ego.

Ego is a gift from your creator, as are all aspects of you.  

After years of being blamed, shamed and pushed away, ego needs embracing more than ever.

Embrace your ego as a loving and empowering part of you.

Check out Freud’s view of ego (in the image).            Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 6.57.25 PM

And ask yourself this question: “What’s the nature of experiencing a healthy ego that supports, nurtures and empowers me in every beneficial way possible?”

Here’s an interesting thought on the subject…

Do you ever notice that the people fanatically trying to get rid of ego, are often some of the most self obsessed, self important and self image driven people you know?

Do you ever notice the more you try getting rid of any aspect of yourself,

the faster it rears it’s head up again?

The more you try,

the more exaggerated it gets inside inside?

And then you start to see it reflected in people popping into your life?,

There’s no escape, we eventually have to face it, right?

There’s no escaping for a good reason!

Think about it…

You need all parts of you to be whole, right?

All parts of you are sacred, sensitive and want to survive.

Your ego too!

Ego is scared when it’s pushed away,

doing what it can to survive.

Often is tries to survive by puffing itself up so it looks important

or makes a self image it thinks you’ll like better.

THE GOOD NEWS IS:  It’s not too late to embrace, love  and give your ego what it needs to feel safe and function in a healthy, whole and loving way within you.

Best to you and your ego,9fbd7b1437f0bf7fe50f3f19302a62a3

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