About Me

IMG_3882                   Hi, I’m Crystal,

Welcome, and thanks for your interest in learning a bit more about me.

I’m a baby boomer, and the choices in my life have all revolved around my fascination with healing.

I spent a good part of my childhood observing nicks, scrapes and cuts on fingers, knees and toes. I loved keeping watch as they went through the healing process. It felt like magic!

I was also the kid in the neighborhood who always seemed to find the mouse, turtle or kitten who’d been abandoned and needed to be nurtured back to health. I loved the miracle of what happened with  tender loving care.

Then off to high school, to be given a test to determine what job was best suited for me. As a female growing up in the 50’s, the basic categories were secretary, teacher, homemaker, or  nurse. I definitely fit into the nurse category.

By the time I was 21 I’d become a registered nurse, working as a home health nurse, pediatric nurse and midwife. While engaged in my practice, I started noticing patterns and a common theme of wondering “what’s wrong with me?” 

That very same question is what I frequently asked myself. It was an uncomfortable experience I never seemed to be able to resolve.

I remember when I made a decision that changed my life forever. I was sitting on a mountainside looking out with awe at the beauty I saw, when heard myself say,  “Wow, life is so incredibly awesome BUT, what’s wrong with this picture?!?! How can there be so much such beauty and aliveness, while  there’s so much pain and suffering at the very same time?”

It didn’t make any sense to me and, as a  young woman in my twenties, I was waking to the fact the answer to that question was one of the most sought after answers of all times. I was also becoming more aware the suffering, not just in the world around me, but the suffering inside of me.

 I was asking myself is this the truth of “how life is”? Is there a resolution? Suddenly a passion and inspiration ignited inside of me. I wanted to be part of discovering a resolution, and wondered if I could stop the suffering inside myself, could I be a catalyst for healing suffering in the world?

I was passionate about finding an answer to that question, no matter what it took. Even if it turned out suffering is “just part of life” and no escaping it, at least I’d know that I had given it everything I had.

The more questions  I asked and the more answers I received. I was realizing the key to ending the suffering is inside each of us. And the best thing I could do for the world was in bringing resolution to the dis-ease and suffering inside of myself. So I set out to discover how to heal from my inside to the outside.

I wanted to be a catalyst for wellness from the inside out. With that intention, I spent the next 35 years in actively researching…with myself and hundreds of people from around the world.. about what causes suffering.

Soon I found myself at leading edge of the personal growth movement happening in the 80’s, and never had I had such a passion as sharing what I was learning.  Soon leading me to be a facilitator and guide of an evolutionary process I called “Freedom at the Core”. I worked side by side with my best friends and co-pioneers, Diamond and River Jameson, who had founded a business called The Total Integration Institute.

We were a  passionate team committed to support each other in every way we could, committing to reach our full potential while experiencing the freedom we dreamed of. For the past 40 years, the institute has dedicated itself to educating people all over the world on how to experience a sustainable whole being wellness, while living in a new context of living and integrated lifestyle.

I am presently in the process of turning my part, Freedom at the Core, into an online course. If you have any questions about what I do, feel free to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with me where you can ask questions and explore whether Freedom at the Core is something you have been looking for.

CLICK HERE to schedule your free 30 minute consultation with me. I also invite you to go back to my website’s home page, www.CrystalPresenceOnline.com, and sign in for a copy of an introduction to Freedom at the Core. You’ll also learn about other ways to participate with me.  I look forward to connecting with you,