Are You Really Willing?

June 20, 2015

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 “How do I know if I’m all the way willing or not?”

My answer is always the same, “You just know, you can feel it.”

Ask yourself this question: “What’s the nature of experiencing willingness?”

Quick Story:

Years ago I was invited to speak at a Peace Conference.

When the co-ordinator asked what

the title of the my presentation was said,

“Why People Hold Back From Peace”.

She stared at me with a surprised look on her face,

then suddenly smiled and said, “I get it, we all need to address this!”

The point of the story is, you are not alone in secretly being unwilling at times.

We all face many of the same day to day challenges

and sometimes find ourselves unwilling to

actually make the changes we say we want.

Willingness is one of the most essential skills for creating the freedom you say you want.

Willingness is the ability to suspend your thoughts

while bringing forth the bodily felt sense of openness to something new.

It takes a suspension of  wherever you are physically,

emotionally and mentally “holding back”.

Willingness creates a crack to allow something new.

It is a  letting go of any static perception of “how things are”,

while releasing tension in your body,

long enough for a shift to happen.

Make sense?

And the wonderful thing is,

even if you open a willing space for at least 10 seconds,

it works!

Yep, a full 10 seconds of suspending the way you have been “holding” things,

will get the ball rolling!

Ten seconds of 100% willingness, not 99.99%,

will open enough of a crack to allow something new!

Believe me, it works so well you may not even notice what’s happening.

Have you ever experienced that?

You wanted something in your life,

made the decision and were willing…

and one day you suddenly you realize what you wanted is happening?

It’s true, when you’re truly willing,

and release the grip on what’s holding you back,

you can wake up one morning and with…

• A new attitude

• Support coming in from all  directions.

• Evidence of change surrounding you.

• Knowing your dream’s are coming true.

You may still be wondering, “How do I know when I’m at 100% willingness?”

It’s funny when I think of all the things I tried to answer that  to question:

  • Walked with focused intention on the country roads
  • Breathed into my intentions.
  • Hung upside down on my couch to  change my way of looking at things.
  • Screamed into pillows, hit pillows and danced
  • Spent hours in nature
  • Did everything I could think of to shift my energy.

All of those things helped, but it wasn’t until

I discovered the “unwilling” part, did things start to change.

Here’s what I learned:

Willingness lives inside us, and we feel and know whether we are willing or not. Our bodies know if we’re holding back.

THE GOOD NEWS IS: Once you admit you’re unwilling, you can shift it!

Some tips on how to be willingness include:

  • Admit where you are.
  • Rate your willingness on a scale from 1-100% willing. it’s fine wherever you are, as long as you’re willing to admit where you are in the process, you’ll keep making headway.
  •  Embrace the part that feels unwilling.
  • Breathe into it.
  • Let the unwillingness know that you’re not going to push it away again, or pretend that it’s not there.
  • Let the unwillingness talk to you, and tell you how it feels to be holding back.
  • Talk back and forth until you feel your connection and love for the unwillingness that has been dutifully holding back for you.
  • Keep breathing into it.
  • Let your energy move and circulate around it, as you let go of the grip you’ve had around it.
  • Allow the unwillingness to gently  dissolve, resolve and evolve into willingness.

Notice what happens, and even if you tighten up again,

you’ve created a crack!

A crack to let go into, a doorway for something new to happen.

Willingness is the decision to slip through the crack.

Remember, it’s fine wherever you are.

You’ll keep moving forward as long as you’re 

willing to admit where you are in the process.

In other words…

If I asked you right now: “How willing are you?“.

You might say: “Well Crystal, I think I’m at about 45%”.

I’d say:  “Great! That’s a good start and it means you know what I’m taking about. 

Your openness to explore and admit the truth is where it all begins! 

 Keep checking in with yourself and get reference points on

when you feel the most willingness and

keep expanding on that. 

 Remember, wherever you are in your experience is fine, 

keep embracing whatever you find

and your body will start getting the message 

that willingness is what you want. 

You’re opening  new pathways…

You’re breaking the habit of unwillingness,

and need some time to go thru the withdrawal from holding back.

No amount of convincing will ever get someone to be willing.

It only happens when you’re ready.

Ready to give your consent.

Ready to end the holding back…releasing reluctance and resistance.

With intent for willingness to flow freely,


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