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Relief for the “Oversensitive, Reactive and Dramatic”

June 10, 2016


Oversensitive, reactive and dramatic people come into the world with an extraordinary ability to be creative, introspective, inspiring and expressive. Soon to discover their emotions are discouraged. They turn their emotions inward by contracting and holding back.

Anger turned inward creates cycles of self rejection, resentment, comparing themselves and giving distorted meaning to what other people say. All of this keeps them on the edge of exploding inside and acting out in reactive and dramatic ways to free themselves up.dreamstime_m_13766517

These behaviors are provoking to other people and leaves them feeling unloveable and powerless to have the love they yearn for.

Some of the most effective ways to support themselves in cultivating emotional equanimity includes the following…

Loving and accepting themselves, no matter what the evidence or circumstance.

Loving themselves includes the willingness to admit when they start distorting or provoking other people. It’s good for them to know they are not alone in doing these behaviors. All humans develop strategies in an attempt to stay safe. Some of the least talked about strategies are brought to light by Robert W. Firestone, Phd in his book called “The Fantasy Bond”.

Making the decision is a great moment of awareness. They know they are going to do whatever it takes to love and free themselves from whatever is not working.

Telling a new story about who they are. Science can help them see the truth that they are connected to the same loving source that creates universes. They can choose to see themselves as an energy being manifesting in a physical body and co-creating their reality with their loving source. They are the love they have been looking for!

Breathing, vibrating and shaking gets love and acceptance flowing big time! It allows for deep and lasting change to happen.

Oversensitive, reactive and dramatic people often hear people say, “Oh, just snap out of it! Stop thinking all those negative thoughts and starting thinking positive ones.” Sounds like a great idea, right? For these people it is not all that easy!

When their energy is contracted and holding back, no matter how many positive thoughts they think, old unsupportive beliefs lurk in the background. The following exercise can help them understand why movement works so well to free themselves:

  • Take a deep breath and hold it in.
  • Keep holding the breath while tightening the fists and body.
  • Squeeze, squeeze and squeeze as much as possible!
  • Keep holding it tight while asking these questions: “How clear is my thinking right now? Where is  my focus of attention? How relational do I feel? Where am I hurting?
  • Now let the breath go.
  • Take a deep breath in, relax and shake it out! Shake, shake, shake it out!
  • Letting go of being uptight and enjoying the relief of oxygen flowing through their veins.

Movement not only frees their bodies, it also allows thoughts and perceptions of themselves to change more freely!

Shifting self perception is a simple and powerful way to love themselves.

A great way to do this is to familiarize themselves with a body of knowledge called “The Enneagram”. The Enneagram is a loving way to identify hidden patterns of how they they think, feel, and motivate themselves. It helps them realize they are not alone in their struggles and shows them there are many ways to turn them around.

They discover they have the power to dissolve, resolve and evolve anything standing between themselves and the life they want. They realize that the way they think and feel is how they create their reality.

Admitting is the power to observe and tell themselves the truth while opening up the doorways to “admit” themselves into the expanding experience of the love they want.

Willingness is the act of letting go while allowing change to reveal itself in all the wonderful ways it does.

The question may arise, “How do I know if I’m willing or not?”. The answer  is always the same, “You know, you can feel it.” Even 10-15 seconds of pure 100% willingness is enough for the shift you want to happen.

Withdrawal is the experience of making the transition from habitual contraction to the relief of letting go. An important thing for them to remember is that they may be tempted to spring back into old contracted habits just before they experience their life has changed.

To ease the process they can engage in lots of movement, do things they enjoy and reach out to others.

Allowing is the art of continuously letting go of contraction and resistance while opening the space to reignite their inspired, creative, introspective and expressive selves again!

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