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Welcome to Freedom at the Core!

March 4, 2015



How it would it feel to have a sustainable freedom radiating from your inside out?

The freedom to make changes in your life, while also being a catalyst for changes you want to see in the world?

If your answer is a resounding “Yes!”,  you’ve come to a special place. Whether it’s physical, emotional or financial freedom you’re looking for, you’ll be glad you found your way here.

I’m excited you’ve landed on this page as it tells me you’re a pioneering spirit with the courage to be free and present.

The question is how do you navigate in the “Oneness” of it all, while dealing with day to day challenges and fully receiving the gifts of life?

Good question!

My invitation is into a grounded and nurturing experience.

What I’m good at is…

Guiding you to the core of whatever stands between you

and the freedom you want.

My guidance encompasses psychological, spiritual and scientific points of views, yet is not dogmatic.

Nor is there any intent to convince you of anything.

Everything you’ll experience is designed to ignite new possibilities in your life.

Many people say they want tools, new tools.

I support you in experiencing  you “are” the tool.

I guide with powerful lessons on how to navigate yourself

through the twists and turns of life

while having a fun and wonderful journey.                                          canstockphoto3229931

A friend and mentor of mine once said, “It’s the difference between riding the waves of life present and enjoying the ride…

Or continuously falling off the board and getting sand up your nose”.

I’m not a therapist…

I’m an educator with intent to share information with you.

Exploring the nature of freedom has been a passion, inspiration,

and motivation in my life.

I invite you to enter into a safe, fun and nurturing space…

to share with you what I’ve learned over many years of

my own personal exploration and working with hundreds of people all over the world.

Freedom at your core is available if you follow along and integrate what I’ll be sharing with you.

.Imagine yourself waking up every morning knowing your day will be filled with…

  • Gratitude, inspiration, motivation and passion for life.
  • Joy in taking 100% responsibility for your life.
  • Experiencing the freedom always available to you, no matter what your circumstances.

I invite you to join me in this dynamic and ever evolving journey.

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