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My answer to, “What’s the most important thing that you have learned about life?”

October 26, 2014


My answer to the question, “What’s the most important thing that I you have learned about life?”is, “Life has never been what I expected it to be, and once I learned how to ‘let go’, life has continued to turn out better than expected!”

And if you are anything like me, “letting go” is not as easy as you may want it to be. “Letting go” takes a lot of commitment and requires time and effort to cultivate a lifestyle that includes self observation, conscious choosing and a willingness to keep your energy moving and circulating… from the inside out.

Think about it….

Have you ever had someone say, “Oh, just let go”, when you were struggling inside?  And you thought to yourself, “Great idea, but how do I do that!???”

Well, I sure did! And to my dismay, people told me that a lot. I could hear what they were saying… and I definitely had my rational mind on board.  And my body wasn’t coming along… I still felt uptight and couldn’t relax without walking, running, hiking for miles, crying for hours or drinking alcohol.  And I was constantly wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”

One day I made the decision to take the leap. I started reading every self-help books , learned how to meditate, changed beliefs, moved my energy and engaged in many popular modalities of healing.

And even with all of that, I still wasn’t getting “to the core of it”.  I found myself thinking that “uptight” was simply “how I am”and there was nothing I could do about it.

If you relate to this in any way, I promise you that there absolutely is something you can do about it… more than just the “hope” that you can change it!

“Letting go” is a natural ability that you have.  Your being knows exactly how to open up to  the wonderful life that’s yours to have.  “Freedom at the Core” is based on everything I’ve  learned about on how to allow this to happen for you.  I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned over the past 40 years of exploring, discovering and sharing within myself and hundreds of other people from all over the world.

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“If only THAT person were out of my life, I would be happy”.

October 22, 2014


Have you ever had someone in your life that makes you think, “If only, THAT person were out of my life, I’d be happy”?

Most people have at least one person like that in their lives.

It seems to be part of what we experience here on earth, and offers an amazing opportunity for you to learn more about yourself like:

  • Appropriate relationship with the people in your life.
  • Awareness of how you select, distort and provoke certain experiences in your life.
  • Observing the kinds of choices that you are making.
  • The paradigm you are operating out of.
  • How you stimulate reactivity in your body.
  • Bing disgusted to get a “disgust fix”.
  • And more…

THE GOOD NEWS IS:  Having “THAT person” in your life offers you the opportunity to develop the inspiration, motivation and passion for getting free! And opportunity to commit and discover what it truly means to experience freedom from your inside out…YAY!

Back in the ’80’s, I read book that changed my life called ,”When Society Becomes an Addict”, by Ann Wilson Schaef.  Ann opened my eyes to the awareness of how most cultures, not only have chemical and alcohol addictions, that many of the addictions are what are often called “process addictions”.  Process addictions are experiences that trigger secretion of chemicals in your body and often becomes a habit to “use” as a “fix”.

For example:

I just worked with someone who seems to always have some dramatic scenario going on with one person or another.

In spending time with her and listening to how her experiences , she very accurately described what I just called a process addiction.

She said that, “When I’m in one of my dramatic scenarios my heart starts to beat faster and I feel adrenaline racing thru my body. I feel ‘high’ with emotion and am quickly distracted from everything else that is happening around me”.

And that’s exactly what addiction is!

Addiction is anything you “use and abuse” to distract, avoid and/or try to control about the reality of what happening in your life. And, if you are  like most people, you totally understand what I mean.

The wonderful thing is that, the nature of your being embodies a resolution for every challenge that you face in your life. You are designed to ask questions that ignites the universe to send a flood of answers on how to be the resolution for the changes that you want in your life.

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