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Great Video on Releasing Emotional Reactivity

June 28, 2014


Thank you Dr. Joe Dispenza!  What a wonderful way to show how that we can truly create the freedom that we want…

To trusting yourself and never giving up!




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Responsibility has taken a bad rap

June 3, 2014


Freedom at the Core is an experience that you can have…

when you are willing to:

  • Take 100% responsibility for your life.
  • Take 100% responsibility for the effect and consequences of the choices that you make.
  • Knowing that you are not a victim of life.
  • Doing what it takes to keep your body energy in movement and in a state of release.
Each of the choices above can determine the direction of your life,  and changing that direction can happen in a matter of moments.

And if you are anything like many people, taking 100% responsibility for your life might seem like :

  • A laborious task
  • Something that will give you less freedom rather than more freedom.
  • Something that makes you sick and tired
  • Something that makes you stop having the fun you were having when you were a kid.
  • Always having to be open to blame and shame, because you know you are not a victim of life, and have to take responsibility for all your experiences.

The idea of taking 100% responsibility for your life may seem unreasonable right now. And that’s okay. Many questions come to mind when people start  thinking about the possibility of taking 100% responsibility  for their lives. Questions that often come up include:

  • “How could there be so much suffering in the world if no-one is a victim?”
  • “How could taking 100% responsibly be the key to freedom with all the things that keep happening to me?”

Having these questions that are coming to your mind is a natural part of the process, and as you make a decision to embrace the idea of taking 100% responsibility for your life, the universe begins to answer your questions in many beautiful and mysterious ways. And suddenly you start to understand what freedom means in a totally different way! Those very same questions were on mind for many many years.. And…..

One day I realized that if I was truly 100% responsible for my life, then I have chance of a new kind of freedom.

And if it was really true that I could never be a victim, then I might be able  to experience the true nature of freedom.

I remember well when the expression “take full responsibility” for my life still seemed daunting …and I worried that it meant that the fun and freedom I was having would go away. I wondered how taking a leap into “taking full responsibility for my life” would change my life? The decided  to give it a try. As soon as I made the decision, an amazing thing started to happen. I suddenly was perceiving freedom in a whole different way. I suddenly started thinking how responsibility has taken a bad rap… I found myself saying, “No wonder “taking full responsibility for you life” has seems heavy and  like something that will ruin your life? Think about it:

  • Our culture often promotes being responsible as sacrificing ourselves to be what the culture calls “successful”
  • Being responsible often means stuffing your emotions inside with no safe place to let them express.
  • We are encouraged to feel responsible “for” others, rather than responsible “to” others.
  • It is often inferred that being responsible leads to endless shame and blame/
  • Taking responsibility is often referred to as something that you “have to” do when you grow up.
  • Taking responsibility means that the playful life you’ve had is gone, and you have to buckle down and do what you are supposed to do.
  • Taking responsibility means letting go of things you are most passionate, inspired, and motivated to do.

No wonder the word responsibility seems so dark and heavy! As we start to push parts of ourselves away and put them in the dark, your energy starts to feel heavy. So, choosing a new way of looking at the nature of responsibility can make a big difference in your life. It is easy to see by looking at the word itself. Responsibility = Response ability….which we can also call the ability to respond. The ability to respond is the ability to have a healthy response to our experiences…to respond to what we  see, hear, taste, feel and know, right? The ability to respond to ourselves is what gives you the freedom to guide your  life. I’m not talking about trying to control and manipulate the details of your life,  I’m talking about the willingness to understand the part you play in in how you shape your life. It’s the difference between surfing your life and enjoying the ride, or  stumbling and crashing and getting sand up your nose, as my friend and mentor, River Jameson used to say. It suddenly all made sense to me!

Freedom at the Core is the experience we have when we respond to ourselves in healthy ways…and make choices that have the effect that we want.

Freedom at the core is not another “doing”…it’s an “undoing” of what isn’t working. More to come.

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To the power of taking 100% responsibility for your life,


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