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New Possibilities

January 25, 2014


Freedom creates the time and space to ignite and realize new and exciting possibilities…

(1) How to Ignite a New Possibility

As we make the biggest shift in human consciousness, we wonder how to bring resolution to the chaos, suffering and struggle we see in the world. We strive to bring forth a new kind of leadership and find ourselves sometimes wondering if chaos, suffering and struggle are “just how life is”? If not, how do we ignite new possibilities? One thing we have learned is that resistance, avoidance and complaining about the problems never works. What we resist, persists. The problems we resist will always show up again in different forms, times and places.  The question is are we part of the resolution or part of the problem?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them”, Albert Einstein

A good example is Mary who is always looking for a way to have a better relationship with her husband. She resists his way of thinking and tries to control and manipulate him to see things her way. She talks about it, argues about it and builds up resentment when her husband does not “get it”. Her husband grows more resistant, resentful and less affectionate. By not facing their issues their resistance persists. These behaviors keep them feeling disconnected and separate from themselves and one another.

Visionary and author, Esther Hicks has said, “problems are unsuccessful attempts to resolve difficulties.” Deep inside we know that the problems we have are of our own making, and now we are facing a major global breakdown-breakthrough. We feel vulnerable as we watch our systems breaking down (politics, government, education, medicine, religion, institutions and relationships), and find ourselves reaching out with a stronger motivation to ask new questions.

The following are some of powerful questions we can be asking ourselves:

What is the nature of experiencing ourselves as part of the resolution?
What is the nature of experiencing ourselves drawing upon resolutions from past, present and future?
What is the nature of experiencing resolution oriented leadership?

The following are some of the key things to remember as we ignite new possibilies:

  • When a problem comes into focus so does the resolution.
  • Every question has an answer.
  • Change is inevitable.
  • Changing beliefs will change our realities.
  • It’s a choice what we want to focus on.
  • Every resolution comes out of connection with our source and listening to it through our inner guidance system
  • Being great role models for igniting new possibilities and creating resolution is the best thing we can do for the children and our future.

Dr. Jean Houston, a highly respected leader in the human potential movement, says “The time is now to stop getting all caught up in the mess we have made. It is time to tap into the incredible access that we have to see the solutions”.  She inspires us to be pioneers in this exciting time in human history. She encourages us to explore, interact, connect and listen to the stories of resolution that are arising from all around the world.

With our hearts and souls engaged for change, we know that we are part of a new level of leadership rising up from all walks of life. We are finding our way to cross the divide between ourselves and others, locally and globally. We are sourcing new qualities in ourselves through deep meditation, widening our horizons and staying in alignment with ourselves. We are moving with passion, understanding and listening deeply to ourselves and others. We feel ourselves igniting possibilities for resolution.

With the gifts of the internet, travel and global networking we are now are tapping into the incredible wisdom of many different cultures and how they come to resolution. We also have access to using teleconferencing where we can participate with 30,000 people worldwide!

Here are some core ways we can cultivate being part of the resolution…

  • Dance, shake and vibrate. Move and circulate our energy, opening space for resolutions to reveal themselves.
  • Cultivate a deep connection with ourselves and our source.
  • Bring clarity to what we want.
  • Cultivate curiosity and passion for new possibilities.
  • Release old static pictures of ourselves and world.
  • Embrace life as a process of constant change.
  • Ask questions that enhance our expectations.
  • Cultivate the ability to focus on the resolution.
  • Expect allies to appear with support.
  • Release the belief that history has to repeat itself.
  • Rewrite our stories of past, present and future with focus on all the positive outcomes they have had.
  • Draw from the resources and successes we already have.
  • Appreciate even the small changes while expecting more.
  • Stop doing what is not working.
  • Embrace and trust the process.
  • Take action on the ideas that inspire, motivate and make us feel good.
  • As the acorn is guided to grow into an oak tree, allow the same greater intelligence to guide us in becoming all that we are.
  • Stretch to imagine how wonderful resolution in the world will feel

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Making “The Decision” is What Changes Everything!

January 25, 2014


Making “the decision” is what changes everything by igniting the universe to flood you with all the support you need to experience the freedom that you are looking for! 

If you are like most people, there are changes that you want to make and you find yourself wavering about making “the decision” it will take.

If you are anything like I was, you find yourself trying to convince yourself that it’s “fine” and your life iis working.

Or maybe you appreciate what you have and you are okay with settling for only part of what you want because it would be much too hard to change things.

And suddenly one day you hear yourself say, “Alright already, I just can’t take this anymore! It’s GOT to change!”

Something happens, whether you are finally in crisis or you just can’t stand the drama any more and you suddenly make “THE decision”!

You suddenly feel a shift and know that you are going to do what it takes to change your life!

And it’s that very moment you make THE decision, that the universe is ignited to support you in every way it can!

So now you’ve made the decision, you follow through with your continued willinging to :

  • Listen
  • Take action
  • Make the change you want a priority in your life.
  • Commit to yourself no matter what you or anyone else says!

One you’ve made that  “decision” you have ignited the universe to support you every way it can.

What you want in life will follow that decision, believe me.

A successful life doesn’t just happen. It takes every bit of energy, talent , desire, vision, forbearance, and determination that you can muster.

Things you really care about take time, thought, planning and prioritizing.

The world is changing…breakdowns and breakthroughs all around us.

Keep your focus on the breakthroughs, and let the breakdowns happen without getting down on yourself.

Stick with your decision to have the life you want no matter what the evidence!

To the power of decision,


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Appreciating Appreciates

January 25, 2014


Lynn Twist, founder of The Pachamama Alliance, describes one of the most important things you can do to create of more of what is truly yours in this life:

“If you let go of trying to get more of what you don’t really need, which is what we’re trained to want more of, it frees up oceans of energy to pay attention to what you already have.

When you nurture and nourish what you do have and begin to make a difference with it, it expands before your very eyes. In other words, what you appreciate appreciates. This is true prosperity”.

Beautifully said.dreamstime_s_1975744

Appreciation and gratitude for the freedom that you already have, is one of the quickest ways to experience more freedom at your core.

Keep a list going of the freedom you already have.

If you are anything like me, you might be having appreciation for some of the following freedoms:

  • Eating healthy food
  • Sleeping in a comfortable bed
  • Having a roof over your head
  • Having a loving home
  • Getting an education whether it’s in a school, the Internet, or learning from a mentor of some kind
  • Speaking your mind
  • Having healthy boundaries
  • Having appropriate relationships
  • Drinking clean water
  • Breathing air
  • Being alive

There is a list that can be made whatever your circumstances. There is always something to appreciate no matter how big or small it may seem.

And, once again, as Lynn Twist so beautifully said, whatever you appreciate (however big or small) will appreciate and expand before your very eyes!

In appreciation for appreciation,


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Spiritual Bypass

January 20, 2014


In these times of massive change and spiritual highs on Earth, it is important to stay alert to the potential to engage in a phenomena often called a “spiritual bypass”.

December 21, 2012 was marked by many religions, prophets and sages as the completion of a 5,000 year cycle, a cycle which took us to a turning point on Planet Earth. A point where lives are in a hanging in balance, teetering between breakdown and breakthrough.earthRise-black

Some believed it was a threshold point for a leap in human consciousness and others declared it as a “doomsday”, the end of the world.

In all of this, some consider themselves instruments in the process. Whether spiritual, religious or cultural creatives of any kind we can think of them as “imaginal cells” of our world. People filled with passion to hold the vision and actively participate in the breakdown-breakthrough process during this major shift in in human consciousness. People who are infused with the passion to write and talk about the changes happening. People who conspire and intend to bring inspiration, purpose and motivation to the world.

They know who they are.

And while some silently do their job, others become famous inspirational spiritual speakers. They want to express their purpose and be part of the resolution for what isn’t working on the planet, bringing forth the most peaceful, loving, compassionate and awe inspiring time in history.

And as I said earlier, in this time of massive change and spiritual highs, it is important to stay alert to the potential to engage in a “spiritual bypass”.

I say this with the knowing we all love to experience the joy, bliss and awe available. We want to experience the wonderful states of consciousness available.

And, at the same time, we can support each other in staying grounded, to support each other in staying in the truth of things:

  • Supporting each other in opening to the vast and multidimensional reality being unveiled, while also staying grounded in the physical, emotional and rational aspects of our planet.
  • Noticing how we are conducting our lives in these uncertain and pivotal times.
  • Evoking the changes we want in the world through deeper inner awareness of ourselves, not loosing ourselves in spiritual high while bypassing the internal work required of each of us.
  • Helping each other remember that spiritual bypass always leads to some kind of crisis, forcing you to get present and grounded.

At times I get excited and find myself spinning into a space where I want to “hold onto” the wonderful joy, bliss and awe I’m experiencing.  And then, “puff” the wonderful experience is gone!  What just happened? Where did I go?  I slipped into what I call my “fantasy bond”! (I’ll share more about what I mean by that in another conversation).

Getting “too far out” eventually leads to exposing things you’ve kept hidden, usually because you thought it wasn’t “spiritual”, so hiding behind a self image as  being someone”spiritually important”. And underneath perhaps you know you’ve been…

  • Judging other people, rather simply seeing the truth and being self reflective bringing more compassion and peace into the world.
  • “Using” people to a get a “disgust fix” about, so you can feel better about yourself.
  • Focusing on who you consider not as conscious as you, or not doing it the “right” way.

In other words, spiritual bypass is bypassing what you really need to be staying present with. It’s a hiding  behind spiritual self importance to stay high and delusional about what’s really happening.

Closing the gap in a spiritual bypass takes a commitment to stay grounded and real. Staying in the truth of  challenges and facing what you need to deal with. And it takes a ruthless decision to not abandon yourself.

THE GOOD NEWS IS: When you stay grounded and are not abandoning yourself, you start to understand the world around you won’t abandon you either. They love and trust you!

Choices to resolve spiritual bypassing include:

  • Admit and resolve any resentment you are holding (see “Getting Clear on Resentment”)
  • Forgive with the willingness to let it go (see “Getting Clear on Forgiveness”)
  • Let go of using spiritual paraphendalia and spirituality as a self image of “who you are” (see “Getting Clear on Spiritual Self Importance”).
  • Allow outer and inner judgements to be radical self-relections to be embraced and set free. (see “Getting Clear on Judgments”)
  • Stay real and embrace challenges in the moment.(see “Getting Clear on Embracement”)

Become the change. Become the catalyst for the changes that we want to see in the world.

To your success,

Crystal Maya. From that point, the adventure will continue onward, bringing untold challenges and blessings. As we advance to a new level on the spiral of Time, let us comprehend the vastness of our journey ahead. Each day the mystery deepens, bringing new trials and new awarenesses. There is no pre-determined outcome to our collective story.The essential message of the 2012 Prophecy is that the more we each awaken to our personal contribution to this planetary moment, the greater the possibilities emerge for positive change.



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Skills For a New Context of Living

January 19, 2014


Skills for a new context of living are what allows freedom at the core to be an everyday and sustainable experience.

You may be wondering,”What does a new context of living mean?”

Good question.

Let’s start with a defiiniton of the word context: (Wikipedia)


  1. The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.
  2. The parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.

When you arrived on this planet, you were met with you own unique set of circumstances.

The world that you came into could be divined as an “event, statement, or idea” about what life is.

An event was being assembled, perceived, and described in a very certain way….along with the behaviors, actions, and the declared beliefs that went with it.

The circumstances, environment, events, statements, and ideas that were going on around you,  I will be calling the “context” of the life that you came into…the stage and contents of the” story “you were starting.

So my intention here is to define what skills can you use to become aware of the context you have living in…and skills to shift that context to one that sustains you in freedom at you core.

More coming soon!

Best to you,



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